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Mike Oldfield - London Olympics 2012 opening ceremony - Alasdair Malloy Percussion Camera

Here's percussionist Alasdair Malloy's unique perspective on his performance with Mike Oldfield as part of the London Olympics Opening Ceremony. The clip starts at the moment when the Queen has just parachuted in and the band wait onstage during two verses of the National Anthem before beginning their performance. Although the sound is a bit odd - highlighting the difference between the live sound and the PA, the clip captures the excitement of the occasion and glimpses can be seen on the big screen above the stadium of what was shown on television. When Alasdair vanishes from sight he has gone to take over playing the midi tubular bells from Mike. You might just catch a glimpse of them being played on the big screen at that point. The band is: Mike Oldfield - guitar, bass guitar, midi tubular bells Robin Smith - grand piano, keyboards Jamie Talbot - clarinet and recorder Luke Oldfield - guitar, keyboards Ash Soan - drums Alasdair Malloy - glockenspiel, tubular bells, bell tree, suspended cymbals, mallet kat, synth drum pads, timpani, tambourine, marching snare drum, mystery wind instrument(!). Off camera - orchestral bass drum, midi tubular bells.

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