compresses a long web address down to just 27 characters, perfect for emailing, forums, and Twitter.

A preview of the destination link is provided by default, so those who get your link will know where they're going.

Because of the preview, recipients of a link you make can decide whether they want to click the redirected link or not: no "surprises".

PeekURL also plays Youtube, MTV, and Myspace videos right in the page; enter a Youtube, MTV, or Myspace videos URL below to try it out.

Enter the URL you want to compress below, and press 'Submit'
Bookmarklet Quickly and easily create a PeekURL at any page!
Drag the following link to your browser's toolbar:
PeekURL bookmarklet.
Then, when you're on a page that you want to create a PeekURL for, click that item in your toolbar.
That will create a PeekURL with just one click.