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32 Minutes of Rockabilly from today!

Ladies & Gentleman's. Hot Mama's & Long Gone Daddy's, please welcome within the next 32 minutes a hand taken collection of real great songs from today. Rip of the town and do the T-Model Boogie. The Robot Monster is getting what he want's after 3 minutes, I really hope you like my Sunday mix. Rocking regards, SolidSmoke Jesse Al Tuscan & The Lumberjacks - 88 AM Go Getters - 19-Teen Don Cavalli - Gone Baby Gone Wildfire Willie And The Ramblers - Mad Man King Louie Combo - T-Model Boogie Jack Baymoore & The Bandits - Tag Along Eddie & The Flatheads - One That´s Good For Me The Blue Flames - Time The Playboys - Summertime Rock desperado 5 - Knockin' Myself Out

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