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Hillary Clinton's Very Bad DREAM

Some U.S. citizens won't be able to go to college if Hillary Clinton gets her way. She supports an anti-American bill called the "DREAM Act" which gives college discounts to illegal aliens. One of its major side-effects is taking college discounts away from U.S. citizens. There are only so many college discounts available, and there will always be more applicants than discounts. No matter how you look at it, every discount that goes to an illegal alien is one that won't go to a U.S. citizen. Don't feel too bad for illegal aliens: they can always appeal to their home countries for college help. U.S. citizens should be able to appeal to their country for college help, but all Hillary Clinton wants to give them is the shaft. To help her see the error of her ways, please go to her campaign appearances and ask her about this bill specifically. More on the DREAM Act here:

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